Northwest Grain Growers is a farmer-owned cooperative in Washington and Oregon with over two thousand members.

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Cash Bids

Last Updated: August 19, 6:24 PM

Bid Notes

Monday 2:30 p.m.Bids subject to change anytime

Red wheat markets are morning session only

Buying Hours

Monday - Thursday

8:30AM - 11:00AM AND 2:30PM - 4:30PM


8:30AM - 11:00AM

SWW basis vs. SRW Sept 19


Club Premium


HRW Protein Scales 11.5%

+.05/-.10 each 1/2%

DNS Protein Scales 14.0%

+.00/-.02 each 1/4%

Country elevator fuel surcharge


2019 Winter Wheat RP Base Price

$6.59/bu Portland

2019 Spring Wheat RP Base Price

$6.21/bu Minneapolis Sept 2019 Futures


Daily Commentary

For a list of crops received at elevators, you’ll find a link further down the web page.

For those who have harvest contracts; your grain may be promptly settled, and if you have change to your splits, your input is needed immediately!


Rain is (likely) making grain in a few of the areas that were hoping most to get it, being Iowa and Illinois.  That, coupled with a resumption of trade war bickering, has markets feeling sluggish.  Friday’s COT report was surprisingly unsurprising, with Managed Money corn contracts still long, however, they’re likely not long much anymore.  The “ProFarmer” tour begins in the corn belt today, and isn’t something that moves markets necessarily, but it does give all another tool to try to guess just what condition the crop is in and what could happen if it does finish nicely, get more dry, or freeze early.  It should be mentioned that the rains that hit IA/IL are moving east, and will likely grace more of the dry areas with some precipitation.

Our US$ has been on a steady rise, for the most part, versus the majority of major currencies in the world, which is disquieting, and, according the same Wall Street Journal that information was gleaned on, the writer also claimed that “one key driver of the dollar’s gains has been the relative strength of the U.S. economy,” which is a heck of a notion.  Economic and social struggles in seemingly dozens of places have the words ‘global recession’ being uttered and printed almost constantly, with it all being taken very serious given the likes of the countries to whom the sentiments are attributed (China, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc.).

Reports show that Black Sea-origin grain prices have fallen back down some, after a nice showing last week of price convergence between their grain and our own.  Dependent upon the size of their crops in that area (allegedly Ukraine’s was large and enough to make up for Russia’s lack), this may be the norm, as they try to make sure they are more price competitive the EU grain.  There is still optimism that US grain prices, being so depressed, will spur some more purchases from swing buyers and help whittle down our supply glut.

Don’t forget to visit your FSA office and get your MFP payment.

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Harvest 2019 is upon us and marks the 90th consecutive year of Grain Grower business!  Don’t forget, our smartphone app is available, just search for us in your phones app store.

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Northwest Grain Growers is a leading farmer owned cooperative with more than 2000-member owners in Washington and Oregon. Walla Walla Grain Growers originally formed in 1929.


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