Northwest Grain Growers is a farmer-owned cooperative in Washington and Oregon with over two thousand members.

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Cash Bids

Last Updated: April 2, 6:20 PM

Bid Notes

Thursday 2:30 p.m.Bids subject to change at anytime.

Red wheat markets are morning session only.

Buying Hours

Monday - Thursday

8:30AM - 11:00AM AND 2:30PM - 4:30PM


8:30AM - 11:00AM

SWW basis vs. SRW May 20


SWW Jul/Aug basis vs. SRW Sept 20


Club Premium


HRW Protein Scales 11.5%

+.05/-.10 each 1/2%

DNS Protein Scales 14.0%

+.00/-.04 each 1/4%

Country elevator fuel surcharge


2019 Winter Wheat RP Base Price

$6.59/bu Portland

2019 Winter Wheat RP Harvest Price

$5.75/bu Portland

2019 Spring Wheat RP Base Price

$6.21/bu Minneapolis Sept 2019 Futures

2019 Spring Wheat RP Harvest Price

$5.05/bu Minneapolis Sept 2019 Futures

2020 Winter Wheat RP Base Price estimate

$5.73/bu Portland

2020 Spring Wheat RP Base Price estimate

$5.51/bu Minneapolis Sept 2020 Futures


Daily Commentary

Please see the below note from NWGG General Manager, Chris Peha:

COVID-19 Update:



Gov. Jay Inslee issued an executive order “20-25 Coronavirus Stay Safe-Stay Healthy” proclaiming a State of Emergency for all counties throughout the state of Washington. Production agriculture is one of several industries to be classified as essential and critical during these uncertain times and in support of production agriculture Northwest Grain Growers provides an essential business service as listed in the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce by participating in the Agriculture and Transportation industries. Northwest Grain Growers will continue to operate; however, we want to take precautions in the workplace to help our employees, members and their families stay healthy and safe while providing the services our members need.


Effective immediately:

  • Employees are following social distancing guidelines as set forth by the CDC.
  • Our offices will be temporarily closed to public access. If you need assistance, please contact one of our team members by phone or email.
  • Office Phone Numbers
    • Walla Walla – 509-525-6510
    • Dayton – 509-382-2571
    • St. John – 509-648-3316
  • Email addresses can be found at:
  • Seed Plants – Please do not exit your truck unless necessary. A NWGG employee will be taking your orders and handing out finished paperwork.
  • Seed Plants
    • Walla Walla – 509-386-3174/509-529-3004
    • Dayton – 509-520-8596/509-382-2262
    • Lancaster – 509-595-7135/509-648-3713
    • Garfield – 509-635-0107
  • NWGG is suspending all future gatherings including marketing and employee meetings until further notice.

At NWGG, the health, safety and well-being of our employees, members, their families and communities are our highest priority. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these uncertain times.

Chris Peha

General Manager



Good “unemployment report” morning to you.  Wheat futures are down 5 in SRW & HRS (DNS), and down 10 in HRW.  Corn and beans are both near even, same for canola, and French wheat futures are down a bit.  Want to guess what the US$ & competitor currencies are doing?  If you said, “the US$ is up and they’re down, again” you pat yourself on the back.  Livestock futures are down and are nearing their contract lows from mid-March leading me to assume that if you actively trade livestock futures you also think breeding and befriending tigers is a good idea (topical).  Crude oil is up almost 20% on the day, which, you know, is only $4 and $24/barrel.

Unemployment claims were 3x last week (which was 3x higher than the record), and the stock markets are stable?  According to some analysts, these lost jobs are all “priced in” and it’s no shock, but if you read their pre-reports yesterday you’d know they expected numbers at 5 million or less, not 6.6 million.  So far, the government has said it can handle this, and the unemployment application website has held up to the spike in traffic.  Do remember, each claim gets inspected by a number of people, who work somewhere, and hopefully still healthy.  

Weekly export sales were miserable for wheat, decent for corn, and not so fantastic for soybeans.  There were almost more cancellations in orders than actual orders for wheat, which isn’t so surprising given the big ol’ rally that took place last week on the spike in domestic mill demand, which you’ll recall was well noted to likely be a short term run as the maniac hoarders who haven’t baked in 5-50 years bought 10lbs of flour to put into their bomb shelters and will be well stocked for some time now.  In more realistic thinking, restaurants need very little flour now, and bakeries (large/small) will be scaling back to a degree, too.  Another thing that really hurt our numbers?  Our Canadian friends are quite attractive now to be selling their grain with their currency cratering comparatively. 

It’s still dry in Russia/Ukraine.  This next two weeks are going to be monitored as closely as can be in the wheat trading world given their are some who forecast decent chances for rain, and others zilch.  You’ll recall they have record planted acres out there which have already been downgraded some in Ukraine due to lack of precipitation, but the majority of the crop has seen just enough water to stay out of the realm of 5-alarm crop disaster.  

International weather – see above for E EU/W Asia.  Australia still looking better.  Brazil’s S is getting terribly dry and their second crop corn is going to suffer.  The wet areas of C & W EU are now mostly dry and average temperatures, which they’re happy to see.  We’ll start reviewing Canadian weather here soon.

Domestic weather – Pretty healthy chance for rain in the majority of the Corn Belt (not necessary) and about 1/3 of the HRW belt (welcomed) and some coming for CO/UT and up into N ID.  WA/ID/MT/ND/MN are all in for some much colder-than-normal temperatures for at least 10-days, especially in the more N reaches of each state.

Local weather – It hailed, it rained, it hailed, it snowed.  Not much, nor violently, and it equated to a couple tenths of precipitation by all accounts.  More wet stuff slated to come in the next few days, but supposedly not any heavy volumes.

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