About Us

Northwest Grain Growers is a farmer-owned cooperative in Washington and Oregon with over two thousand members. The organization began as the Walla Walla Grain Growers formed in 1929. In 1998, they merged with Touchet Valley Grain Growers to create Northwest Grain Growers. Columbia County Growers joined the cooperative in 2016 and Whitgro signed on in 2018. 

Over the organizations eighty-nine-year history, Northwest Grain Growers intake has increased to forty million bushels with annual sales averaging three hundred million dollars.


Northwest Grain Growers operates 31 licensed country elevators, 4 barge loading facilities and 4 retail seed plants. The barge loading facilities include: Lyons Ferry, Sheffler, Port Wallula, and Port Kelly. The seed plants are located at Lancaster, Garfield, Walla Walla and Dayton. The newest grain facility is currently being built in Endicott, WA. This facility will allow NWGG to load a 110-car train shuttle. Within this project, it is adding an additional 1 million bushels in storage. 

Board of Directors

North District

  • Rick Repp 
  • Lisa Blumenshein 
  • Jason Huntley-Secretary 

Eastern District

  • Dan Mckinley-President 
  • Byron Seney 

Central District

  • Eric Cochran 
  • Lori Stonecipher 
  • Scott Ford 

Southern District

  • Guy McCaw 
  • Mike Hand 
  • Nathan Rea- Vice President 

Meet The Team


Seed Department

Walla Walla Office

Dayton Office

St. John Office

Logistics and Operations Department

Grain Marketing Department